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This is typical of Mehow - he tries to keep things to a manageable list of ideas to learn rather than giving you too much information.

The content is a 'staged' demonstration conversation between Mehow and Megan (a girl he met recently).

At the start of the program you get a brief rundown of a list of concepts he wants you to understand.

This is a simple list of 13 concepts you are to learn to use, or as Mehow says "The 13 things I would teach someone who just got off a bus.".

It was tried in Mind of Mystery and Pandora's Box interviews with women to highlight two better known examples.

So Mehow tries to steer the conversation through his list of 13 conversation tools so that you can get examples of what each of them sounds like as if you were listening to a conversation between a guy and a girl where they take place.

Mehow has selected a woman for the demonstration who is certainly above average in her social intuition and intelligence. However, she is also young at 24 years old (and lacks life experience compared to say a 30 or 40 year old) and of a very specific personality type (feisty/ sassy) which leads to biases in the demonstrations and discussion.

The conversation is primarily mostly 'challenging' and 'attraction' based. The demonstration part of the program is structured into the 13 concepts, however it is hard to distinguish what is being taught at times. Throughout the demonstration she interrupts Mehow and at times manages to distract him from what he is explaining at times to discuss other topics.

At time of writing this review the course was only sold as part of the NSA System and One(der) System courses.

It covers very little theory about female psychology and instead jumps straight into practicalities.

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Second, as with all of these programs, the challenge lies in that most women (just like most men) don't understand dating advice (why should they) and will most often verbally disagree with it.

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