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“She hasn’t figured out what a bad guy Sam Waksal is.

She hasn’t figured out that nobody is above the law.

“I just felt sorry for her,” said the au pair, Nancy Beningo.

“She just didn’t seem to be the happiest little person.” As a pouty teen, Alexis spent a year at Choate before transferring to The Putney School, Andy’s alma mater, in Vermont.

As a toddler, Alexis was often left alone in the couple’s Riverside Drive apartment with the maid, who in turn toted the tyke to an upstairs neighbor’s apartment – where an au pair was in charge of two other kids. She’s always like, ‘For my birthday, I would like you to be pregnant.’ And I’m like, ‘Me, too!Alexis Stewart, the rumored heir to her mother Martha’s decorating empire, inspires the same sharply divided views as Stewart herself.Her unhappiness with Choate was reflected in a note to Putney explaining her desire to transfer.“They were all good teachers, but I could not rely on them for any kind of support or friendship,” she wrote. As Andy and Martha began to fight, often loudly, Alexis retreated to a separate apartment in the back of the house.

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Alexis, who divorced attorney John Cuti in 2004, told People in 2007, “I’m single now, but having my own kid is the most important thing in my life, so I am trying everything I can: fancy doctors, expensive drugs, high-tech procedures . ’ Finally, I said, ‘You’re fired.’ ” Alexis then turned to the New York Fertility Institute for In Vitro.

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