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Anyway, to play further with your existing accounts you just have to switch to the BF2Hub Network - see News below!

The posibillity that Game Spy will close their systems today or within the next few days is very high.

Therefore BF2Hub released already an update with their Network Switcher.

If Gamespy goes down, you just have to click the " You have to close your BF2 before you do the switch, otherwise the game will not recognize it.

It is obviously made with the good old bf2s page in mind so it should be easy for you to understand the basic values.

On our request BF2Hub confirmed that they will enhance the online interface with further features continuously.

In other words, you can donate at any time even if the goal for the current month is already reached.

No matter where you come from, how you look, regardless of your age, your religion, your sex or your preferences - we are pleased about the fact that you are there!

Please make sure you update your favorites with the new IP mentioned above.

Our special thanks go to all donators of the last months that made this switch possible, to the players that keep the server alive and for detailed issue reports like these about the old server.

We may expect additional services and coding APIs very soon, w00t!

:) We also implemented the link to your global stats in our community teamplay stats pages.

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Just visit (example) or search your 2F4Y teamplay profile and scroll down to the "Global Stats" section. You may backup and migrate your former Battlefield 2 Game Spy accounts (including your stats/unlocks) or create all new accounts directly with the BF2Hub Client.

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