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Glamour: I would hope so—in our last interview, he told me he wants to shop with you, eat with you, fly with you... I'm going to be spending a lot of time with Val. There's a little living area in the front, and then a line of bunk beds in the back.

I seem to be very busy in the schedule right now, and I'm very happy about that. We've already decided that the girls will have their area and the boys will have theirs, and that we can watch our TV shows, and they'll bring all their Xboxes and Play Stations. []Glamour: Which city on tour are you most excited to visit? I got to go there once briefly, and it's so cool!

Emma: I won't have a specific partner throughout.Jake Owen went through a tough and public divorce in 2015 but now the rumor is he may have found love again.Jake recently revealed in an interview with Bobby Bones that he has a girlfriend, Erica Hartlein, who works in interior design in Nashville.It's that spunk and effervescence that has made her a fan favorite, and why fans are selling out stops along the in part to see her.During a bit of downtime, I caught up with the native Brit (who actually says hosting is her second passion behind dancing!

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He's bringing a bunch of race car drivers, and his brother lives in Nashville too—Daryl Waltrip, who also won the Daytona. And I actually went to see Billy Dee Williams last week!

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