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flipped through various genres and featured social commentary—we get a surprisingly Caucasian-heavy cast (although there's still an Asian actress, the delightful Maggie Q, kicking around to play a high-class hooker) and a litany of brief, cinematic meet-cutes that turn the center of the film into a doughy mass.Setting aside the weird glee of recognition intrinsic to any cinematic anthology—this is surely the only time in the history of the world that Shia La Beouf will get the chance to play a gimp-legged, Russian immigrant bellhop, and you can hear him salivating over ewery... Did you know that New York is the Greatest City in the World?Yes, our girl can certainly work her way through a cast and crew list!And she doesn’t care if they are married, single, or engaged.

On previous projects, she has dated her costar, her director, her stuntman, and her cameraman.

That different cultures are Learning Important Lessons about each other every single day?

That Strangers Can Be Rude but deep down We All Want to Be Loved?

She has picked her target on her current project (a TV show), so everyone is breathing a sigh of relief. At least this time she is picking someone who isn’t married!

When she flaunted a relationship she had with a married coworker a couple of years ago, she broke up his marriage, created drama on the set, and gave herself the reputation as quite the little home wrecker.

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  1. “I don’t know about marriage as much as I do know that I’d be a great father.” In fact, it’s not even clear if Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele are currently a couple.