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The path they are on is one pointing direct to Bankrupt in less than a year. What once was outstanding, has now become an absolute nightmare.

Leading you to question if the doors will be open the next day when you wake up, They have gone from paying cash weekly where I must say I was making good money , To paying monthly , which certainly lead to some drastic reworking of the finances.

Conseils à la direction LISTEN TO YOUR ADVOCATES!!! You NEED the Advocates, that is your whole business model.

Paying them less or sometimes nothing only ensures that you have the WORST qualified candidates possible, and how does that look to the brands you represent?

The one who brings in consistent sales every day or the one who gets a lucky one every so often?

That we can come and go as we please, Work when we want , Leave when we want , Do as we want, in the Online gaming system. Not knowing the ins and outs and trying to rekindle moral with false promises .Don't bother emailing anyone as they DO NOT respond, if you have issues you better hope your fellow advocates have a way to help you, (which most of us "old school" workers have STOPPED helping as it isn't worth the headache, nor am I being paid OR recognized for this), because you will likely get no response.Extra Fun stuff: You would think we get cool discounts or something... You would also think we get rewarded with prizes in lieu of pay... When Tax season comes around be prepared to PAY for the privilege of "working" with Needle.i wish things would go back to the way they used to, no more social media just a telephone and a pager, no more texting.You cant play and joke with these people on here they get pissed off real quick.

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I got a good one" you open your points calculations and you see squat. Ordering: When you earn points you get to buy awesome stuff. I ordered tangible product ONCE..i got the confirmation email saying Needle paid $60 something dollars for my $100.00 dollar order... So to get a $500.00 gift card I now have to work 20 hours a week for TWO MONTHS before i have enough points for it. So if you order a tangible item you get ripped off and pay more and for a gift card you have to save 30% more points, (cost wise a $500 gift card is about $900 worth of points) to get one. If we ask questions "they" don't like posts are removed or comments deleted.

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