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Once the test began, the barista continued pulling shots exclusively at 28 seconds.

“Normal” bar-style dosing conditions were applied in this test, and also in tests two and three.

It’s Cold Outside Black is Back Meant to Be // Finding the Perfect Boyfriend Jeans Warmer Days Denim on Denim on Denim // Masculine Meets Feminine Weekender Prep // Neon Accents Drop Waist Perfection Uniform Military Jacket // Summer Staples Summer Stripes Date Night with Missguided // Diamond in the Rough Back in Black Outfit Mashup // Summer Sweater Prep Meets Distressed Denim Feeling the Blues // Weekend Wear A Play on the Classic Baseball Tee Lovers Friends x2 // Feminine in White Classics Plaid // Finally, The Perfect Satchel Rotating Pieces Weekend Wear // Gold Hardware Ripped Buffalo Check Simple Neutrals // Kickin’ It Lumberjack Buffalo Check // Cozy Checks Meet Houndstooth Today I’m looking back at some of my favorites looks from 2013. Anyway, you can find the actual post to every outfit in the links below each picture and I’ve also rounded up as many of the pieces I’m wearing that are still available by category below.

Although it’s nice to reminisce on some of my better outfits and see how my style has evolved, it’s also kinda scary to see some of the misses lol.

That, in scientific terms, means repeating every extraction yield, on every espresso brewed and served, potentially hundreds of times in a day in rapid succession.Note here that even with a varying dose, the brew ratio remained very close to our target of 50%.Test four results & analysis Comparatively, test 4 demonstrates astounding consistency in all aspects, beating, or falling nearly dead-on the target.Conclusions There are a number of additional factors to consider.One key element at play here not shown in the data set, that really shouldn’t be underestimated, is speed.

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