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When I ask Juan to point out Medellin’s finest sights, he gives me a long and detailed breakdown of every shopping mall in the metropolis before showing me the train station. Without really thinking all that much about it, you begin to make sympathy votes. Twenty minutes later we’re pulling into a shopping mall. “The only train in Colombia is in Medellin,” he says, chest swelling with pride. Linda shows me around, proudly pointing out the potted shrubs, the sofa areas and the Dunkin Donuts concession. She tells me that all of the women in the agency’s books count as middle class, earning around the standard national wage is 0 a month so even the moderately wealthy western clients count, for them, as rich beyond hope. “In Bogota, they have no train.” As we walk happily down the hill I notice Yvonne looking at me, with a sideways, smiling expression. She grabs my arm playfully and I reflexively pull it away. She emerges with a colourful friendship bracelet, which she curls gently around my wrist, securing it in place with four tight knots. They were also seen hanging out at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.For those curious to learn more about Paola, her Instagram page lets fans know that she's a Colombian model and actress who is currently working on HBO's Ultimately, time will tell if this is a serious relationship or perhaps just a friendly pair."He wants a girlfriend eventually though but taking his sweet time figuring it out before he makes a commitment," another source shared with us.

She works in a government call centre and enjoys cycling and pop music.

She wants a relationship but he is taking his time on getting to know her."According to our insider, their personalities are very compatible and they laugh all the time when they are together.

The model has made such a good impression on Justin that he's already introduced Paola to some of his friends as well."Justin likes how well diverse and smart she is.

Like Yvonne, she doesn’t approve of Colombian men because they consider it normal to have seven girlfriends.

She joined the agency two years ago because she wants a better life for her children.

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