Dating a workaholic

A common complaint here is that their foreplay is too brief or unimaginative.Those who are alienated from their spouse often work late into the evening or watch TV to avoid going to bed until the spouse is asleep.Performance-driven workaholics are masters at being physically present but not emotionally involved. Previous blogs have explored many of the factors involved as the breakdown progresses that contribute to the workaholic’s insecurity and lose of confidence.Drained of all energy by escalating personal and professional pressures, emotionally-crippled workaholics make faulty judgments and unwise pragmatic decisions that lack “big picture” vision.

365) As the workaholic’s integrity breaks down, infidelity is not uncommon.362) It is important to acknowledge that as the “feeling-being” authentic Self of workaholics is gradually sacrificed to the values and priorities of their “doing-and-performing” public persona, the threat of giving up control and risking self-annihilation is just too threatening to contemplate.Intimacy requires good communication and a sharing of power and responsibility for the health of the relationship, and for each partner’s emotional, intellectual and physical well-being.No wonder these partners remain locked in control struggles that destroy the trust, respect and friendship necessary for real love.Many couples in my practice report that they have not been sexual for years.

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