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But for now we have no solid information on how it'll all play out.

A big part of char development is those happens in those Slink events.

But, there's also some other creators such as Twitch gamer, Ray Narvaez Jr. In the game's code, there is this mysterious ending that is overall creepy, involving one of the dads you can date within the game.

No one has figured out how to unlock this ending, and the creators are keeping things mysterious when questioned on this ending.

The only exception to all this is when someone "spends the night" with you.

Some games (like the mini golf game) are stressful yet amusing and kinda factors in how the daddy date goes.

Obviously, infamous You Tube duo the Game Grumps, Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan, are in this.

They also never openly say to anyone that you're in a relationship together so it doesn't impact dialogue very much.

The social link events don't really give much of an impression that you're explicitly trying to become lovers either so it's more like a spontaneous thing.

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