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” First, I asked a question: “Do you really like this girl and want to date her?Or do you just want to be physical with no strings? I would know what I want and I would just state that plain and clear.At the same time, she is human and wants connection like the next guy or girl.The Advice: Be Confident and Detached This must have made sense, because his next question was, “So, what do you think I should do then?

Only a confident guy would be able to articulate his feelings this way.

It also displays his lack of neediness; because he communicated he is fine with whatever.

The approach is the best policy for two other reasons: First, it is very much a weaning out process.

I guess I have forgotten some of the “games” played when you are in the dating pool. I love this kind stuff, but before I launched into what I think or offered advice, I made sure he wanted to hear what I had to say.

I seek to clarify and he said, “Well, she told me she was not looking for anything serious and that I was coming on strong. But, since I have been out in San Diego, she is the one that got in touch with me to hang out. I explained, “I have plenty of thoughts on this, and think I can offer some insight.

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They may call it different things, but it all comes down to neediness.” I explained that when he started calling and texting and wanting to hang out every second so soon after their hook up, she maybe tagged him as a needy man.

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  1. What does that mean to you, their girlfriend or wife? Of course a guy who likes to fix things around the house is every woman’s dream, but some of them like to tinker with things even when they can afford to pay someone to do it.