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He doesn`t deserve to be alone forever, or with you because if you can`t be happy for him, then you`re just mean. At least I have a chance of meeting Dan, you don't have a chance of meeting Harry Draco Ginny Ron Percy anybody in that f***in book because they don't exist.

Emma and Dan have done that in every photo and video footage and when you watch POA, we see Emma constantly putting her hands on Dan and I doubt that even you would allow your friends to touch you like that. Brittney always tries to be more then what she is, and so does emma.

She is in liberty to date anyone she wants, and as long as she's not dating two people at the same time there's no need for us to talk shit about her. You can't do that with real people because that is real life. )Originally posted by xx Nessiexx They have said on interviews that they are not dating. So what if they danced it does not mean that they are going out. You and 10 thousand other girls are in love with him.

Originally posted by Stealth_Knight IMO Emma gets way too much shi.t from the public. That's what every other celebrity couple would say when they're trying to hide their relationship from the public. He doesn`t deserve to be alone forever, or with you because if you can`t be happy for him, then you`re just mean. And even if they were going out, we should be happy for them.

Originally posted by Night Crawler341 Obviously it must mean she is going out with all these people, Daeri, because if she can do that with Dan and be considered going out with him, then she is pretty much giving herself away to anyone, regardless of age limit.

Are you so stupid that you can't even tell when people are going out?

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