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"Not that it was like they flipped a switch and the next day were exclusively selling string cheese, but by the 1990s string cheese was about 50 percent of production.That was in part thanks to an innovation in string cheese equal to shredded mozzarella.It's beneficial for Baker Cheese, too."It’s allowed us to be focused on the string cheese process and innovating," Brian says. "One of the key pieces to why we are so successful and the product is so fresh.Innovation is hardly the single reason for the company's success."The quality of the cheese was going to sell itself more than anything else," says Brian. Over 95 percent of the milk for our conventional string cheese comes from farmers within a 75-mile radius of the plant ...Some under serious consideration for going to market. When your business is just string cheese, you make sure a new product isn't going to bomb — you make sure it's going to be bomb."We are practical, have to be aware of risks if something doesn’t go well," says Brian."There’s always room for new opportunities."Baker's jalapeno string cheese was judged best in the flavored string cheese category at the 2016 Wold Championship Cheese Contest after just a couple of months on the market.Taking a chance on jalapeno paid off with judges and consumers but is hardly the biggest risk in company history. The fourth generation was off pursuing careers related to their college degrees.

While Baker-branded string cheese is being grabbed all across Wisconsin, says Brian, almost 90 percent of what comes out of the Baker Cheese plant is private label.But the pull of the growing family business would bring them back.One by one."Independently we all had a desire to come back or were missing that or through our careers had developed a really strong skill set the company needed," says Brian, who returned to Baker in 1998. As he talked with his family about Baker Cheese and updated them on his work in Chicago and Milwaukee, he realized the family business offered him something he didn't know he was looking for."I was very close to my grandfather and dad and uncles.His timing for this mozzarella innovation couldn't have been better.With positive feedback and growing demand, the third generation of Baker family members was working with Francis to automate the process of heating, stretching and cutting 1-ounce sticks.

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By this time, consumers were snatching up smaller blocks of mozzarella, plenty from Baker Cheese, to shred on pizza and in other dishes at home.

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