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You may recall the Japanese study we told you about in June which found that vitamin D was more effective than a vaccine in preventing flu, including pandemic flu.

The soldiers were mostly mercenaries – Flemish, Gascon, Swiss, Italian, and Spanish – and were accompanied by 800 camp followers including cooks, medical attendants and prostitutes.

Charles’ objective was to take over the Kingdom of Naples from Alphonso II so that he could use Naples as a base from which to launch a campaign to the Crusades.

The soldiers of Alphonso II were mostly Spanish mercenaries.

(Such exposure may not produce vitamin D in the winter, depending on where you live, or if you sunbathe too early or too late in the day.)Among natural treatments for active herpes lesions are vitamin C powder and propolis, a natural product found in beehives. This is somewhat more realistic than the often-mentioned peppermint oil and tea tree oil, because their pungent odor announces their presence—not something you want during a herpes eruption.

I had my son 9 months ago, I had a second degree tear and stitches, I was fine at first I then had sexual intercourse 5 weeks post baby and then showered (including my vagina, which I know can change the PH balance, leading to B.

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