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Useful when you want to create file based database and want to tell if it's a database file.

like Generally means that its a file that needs to be included and does not make standalone script in itself. Although if your web server is not configured properly it could expose files with extensions like

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It is some people's convention to name files with a extension if that file is designed to be included by other PHP files, but it is only convention.

It does have a possible disadvantage which is that servers normally are not configured to parse files as php, so if the file sits in your web root and your server is configured in the default way, a user could view your php source code in the file by visiting the URL directly.

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The term 'conventions' has no referent that I'm aware of in this context.

And PHP frameworks, no idea, never touch them myself, I write code, so the notion that 'frameworks' have replaced PHP coding is just wrong.

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