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I get general sweetness, more caramel I guess, not really the pralines. Hope nobody calls my mom " cheap" as she would smack them! I think it's a not-so-special everyday scent for spring and summer.

I know this is a very popular scent but I can't figure out why. I can imagine it as a young lady's first ever perfume.

It's quite different from 'serious' perfumes yet it is one of my favourite scents. Let me just say, for what it is, this scent isn't bad.

However, even though it didn't actually come out until I was halfway through high school, Viva la Juicy smells exactly like middle school to me.

Now each time I test it, that expired perfume note is the first thing I notice.

Third drop that pulled it from me away is accidentally bought Air Wick Pure White Vanilla. I was very curious about this perfume, because I've heard it's one of the most popular woman fragrances in the world, although in my country (Hungary) just a very few people know it!

Sometimes it is still there after showering and scrubbing the wrists!

It has a very pungent, synthetic top note that smells a Glade berry air freshener. You think Juicy Couture when you smell this, it's one of their signatures. On me, Gold Couture would be 5 points, because it's much more grown-up, feminine, creamier and sexier than this.

Unfortunatly I can't be sure cause I've never had a perfume with such a terrible longevity. Before I can discover what this scent is all about, it's gone. I was hit with berries and gardenia as soon as I spray this.

I'll try it again on very hydrated skin and see if I can enjoy it for more than 15 min. I usually steer clear of gardenia....a little goes a long way with gardenia. I could describe it as white sweet floral, crisp like champagne and sexy.

I prefer jasmine but the gardenia here is a nice change of pace. This year I have checked it again and I wasn't sure how I feel about it.

The top notes are still same orange and honeysuckle mix but very soon it becomes literally Britney Spears Fantasy. I have nothing against Fantasy, this is pretty sweet scent, but not my type. Another reason that made me doubtful was my colleague. On that lady it smells really bad, like perfume that was kept in sunlight for months.

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