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She wants to have green streamers at "Meredith's Surprise Party". (The Alliance) She reveals that she loves to play basketball, and that she used to be on a team herself.

She is excited to play; but Michael tells her that she's better off not playing. When Michael is talking to Pam about being a cheerleader, Phyllis wants to be one too, but Michael makes a remark that she's "fat" and it won't be pretty..seems glum.

She also wins 500 Dundie awards, for the "Busiest Beaver" although it's misspelled and it says the "Bushiest Beaver" she says it's okay, but the look on her face is awkward.

("The Dundies") During Toby's sexual harassment meeting she asks a question to a statement Toby made on how all office relationships must be disclosed to HR.

During the game, Phyllis makes a basket, despite sitting on the bench the whole time.She asks if one night stands count as needing to be filed to which Jim seems interested in why Phyllis would want to know that.Phyllis is later the subject of a crude joke by Todd Packer to which Michael defends her.Think outside that box of chocolates and you'll discover fun ways to have an adventure together and make some real memories — which, studies show, can lead to both a deeper bond SUP stands for stand up paddle boarding and is a lot more fun when done with a partner.It's a little too cold to get in the waters in New York City right now, but Manhattan Kayak is offering a challenging indoor workout on V-Day that will get all levels ready to roll in the spring.

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