Kashmiri men dating aries man and aries woman dating

Am really looking forward to being with him, pretty sure that this is the life i choose and would like to go with this.

Perhaps i can do a little update here when he comes back in 2 weeks times.

Pardon for having such little knowledge abt Indian cultural particulary Kashmir.

Been looking around in the net, the facts actually scared me off - coz parents seem like having the last say for marriage.

There are many who have married foreigners and staying in India.

These things like acceptance depend on many factors social, educational etc.

How long have you two been married and what is the reason for you planing to move to Srinagar?

My experience is that there are not so many people from outside India who lives in Srinagar, but I may be wrong. There are quite few english woman who have moved to Kashmir after marrying kashmiri guys and have moved permanently there.

Haze "jab Miyan Bibi Razi to Kya Karega Kazi." "When the bride and groom are ready for marriage then who can stop them' If 2 persons are adamant on marrying each other there are a lot of ways. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Hi Folks, AM new here, and just happened to find this amazing forum!We both currently in Malaysia, and my family is happy to have him as part of family. No caste or any other issues in my family, so it was pretty easy for our spouses. Hello, I was wondering if there is anyone from outside India (Europe, USA etc.) who now lives in Kashmir (particularly Srinagar). I am English and married to a Kashmiri man, and I will be moving to Srinagar sometime in the next few years, so I wanted to see if there has been anyone in a similar position.

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When the parents get older, he has to care for them.

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  1. As we pass through new phases in our lives, I think in a way it gets harder. Just dont expect someone to jump in and fill thew void right away, ease into new relationships just like you did pre-marriage.