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try to sucker you with pretty young women photos so guys upgrade to see if they "matched" with them. Borderline fraudulent To many men who lie to women on this site.

all young and beautiful photos but ironically not a single one uses social media to verify them.

Dear goodness, can a sister just get one good looking adult man ?

However, ever since I complained that despite reconfirming that i had correctly set my filters from the start (i've been on almost all other sites), to NO-ONE beyond 100mi of Calgary to contact me, THAT IS ALL I GOT.I was on Mingle for weeks, months, always told the reason i never got a date was i didn't upgrade to the full gold memberhsip and 'priority advertizing' even more expensive.I've been on over a week now, and no, neither she nor i have found each-other even when using search with exact character profile name and narrowest limit within 10mi of Calgary.I played with one scammer, just for fun and within a day they told me how deeply in love they are with me , then they came at me with an incredibly lame sob story , trying to hustle me for money. As much as I like using the site and find it simple and fun, ive had no dates yet. I've had interest and ive been interested, but nobody has 'grabbed' me at this point.I got their information and reported them to various agencies and online date scam sites. Even in a small city like edinburgh I would have expected slightly better. I was pretty satisfied with It Sucks To Be for almost three months until I decided that I wanted to try something different but I have not et anyone special on Mingle2yet.

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