My daughter is dating a gang member german men dating black women

The bottom line is to ask yourself, is a relationship worth all of the other baggage you get from it somewhere down the line, maybe even years later. Thank you - Angel California How has life in a gang affected your life in whole? The same people that I protected were witnesses against me in court. They serve as a reminder of my past involvement in gang life and people are always asking me about them. I started to meet people but did not feel close to any of them.I hope you remember to think before you act and know all the pitfalls of what you might get later. It affected my life by costing me fifty years in prison. I thought that in my embracing a gang I would feel that. Sometimes they are offended by them and sometimes I know I am looked at negatively because of them. Despite these feelings, my outlook on life was very optimistic.When a female gets involved with a guy in a gang, she immediately gets all the bad things the guy might be in for. The bad part here is that while the guy might know, he may never tell the woman, or not even think something can happen to her.The same things happen when women just do a guy a favor, like giving another guy a place to sleep for a night, and drive him somewhere to deliver a car to someone.The kids from another gang liked what I did and one thing led to another. At first it was all going out to parties, meeting girls and even fighting. Arrested when I was sixteen, I ended any real possibility of having a successful life.Fighting made me feel like a man and I got mad respect for it. I began to do things just because the other members wanted to do them, in order to retain their respect - losing my self-respect each time. When joining a gang, my outlook changed to the negative. It's just a lot of lonely people looking for a place to belong and feel wanted.A sense of belonging to something, ideas that you have the protection of may others, and with many, the easy solution as far as some money by either selling drugs, doing other crimes, or being taken care of with what you need by the other members of the gang. No one thinks about doing things for other people and being used to carry out their personal ideas, going to prison, getting hurt or killed, or getting your family hurt or killed.These things happen almost all of the time to people who get in gangs.

Why is it that the same excuse also comes up "That's all that was around where I lived". Lupita Hey Lupita, My name is Angel and I'm in a good mood. The gang only showed me to be more of a fool and that your homeboys are not always going to be there for you no matter how much you say you love them. I started hanging out with the cool crowd and sitting at their table during lunch.

Justin Justin, The kind of things we do in a gang is mostly fighting.

We fight against other gangs to show pride for our own gang, but in reality, we dont even know what were fighting for. Someone who cares California Would you think gang life is fun Tim Tim, You asked if the gang life is fun. The fun is for a minute but it costs a lifetime of pain. California Tim, At the time I was hanging with the gang, yes I thought it was fun.

I broke from that group and started to look for people who I thought were more like me.

I was jumped by this gang in school and days later I stuck up for myself.

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