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But having a companion—someone I genuinely jive with—would be really nice, too.I miss having someone to talk to and do things with. And if I’m being completely honest, I miss sex and the raw, emotional, “take me now” passion that comes with true intimacy and chemistry. I miss having intellectual, meaningful and real conversations with someone, too.But sometimes (a lot of the time) that doesn't happen.It might take a few drinks or a handful of first-date questions for you to realize that you're not feeling it, or it might hit you the second you see the person IRL.As many of you know, I’ve been closed off to the idea of taking the leap from app dating to full-fledged online dating—it just feels so forced and unnatural to me—but after five years of being single, I’m ready to meet my guy, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.I’m embracing the fact that meeting someone the “old fashioned way” might be, ahem, old fashioned, but I want to make something clear: I am not giving up on the notion of a serendipitous romance, nor am I “husband hunting.” After all, I’m pretty content with my life as an independent 30-something and enjoy being single.“I’m sarcastic” really means “I say obnoxious things in a way that allows me to say ‘just kidding’ and think that I get away with it.” Normally I avoid pulling out a dictionary definition, but in this case it’s appropriate.Merriam-Webster defines “sarcasm” as “the use of words that mean the opposite of what you really want to say especially in order to insult someone, to show irritation, or to be funny.” Does that sound like a positive trait? When someone says “I’m sarcastic,” there are a few possible things about their character they’re trying to convey.

If you have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor, say your favorite comedian is Steven Wright.

"People don't communicate clearly enough when they aren't attracted to a person," Dr. It can feel easier and kinder to just be vague and let someone down easy, but that often leads to more uncertainty, she says.," she says.

"That may make for a smoother exit, but it can leave the other party's head spinning." Comments like those also make you wonder if everyone in the dating scene is looking for "love at first sight." (Hint: Not necessarily.) "Ambiguity and uncertainty come up again and again as major challenges in contemporary dating, therefore I'd advise against euphemism or subtlety," Dr. That said, being honest isn't a license to be unkind.

Now, after four and a half months, I find myself single, alone and detached, with only memories of another failed relationship that was unable to reach the heights of a perfect, happily ever after. Do I ashamedly walk that familiar and humiliating path back to online dating?

Do I really want to return back there again, with all the other heartbroken, flawed, emotionally crippled and damaged people?

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  1. Location: New York, New York Looking for: I just ended a relationship two months ago, so I don't know if I want a girlfriend right now, but I also don't like the idea of sleeping with more than one person at a time (but I don't want to, you know, have sex).