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One of the choices for a female main character was fellow Grey Warden Alistair, who proved to be a popular choice for the ladies. Luring him to your boudoir is a laborious process which involves saying all the right things in several long conversations and finding and giving him appropriate gifts, but it was so worth it.Later in the game, she appears again to help him out by recalling the shuttle that government agent Kendra has commandeered, after she tries to leave without him.Towards the end of the game, Isaac sees the original distress transmission, which shows that Nicole committed suicide by lethal injection before Isaac ever boarded the ship.If you were playing as a straight male, probably the most alluring option in Dragon Age: Origins is 'the witch of the wilds', the enigmatic, sexy and quite possibly very evil Morrigan.Morrigan's past is mysterious – she was brought up by a powerful witch called Flemeth in an isolated part of the world and she appears to relate more to wild animals than to humans.

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