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I can’t single out a bad performer here as everyone pulled off an average to slightly above average performance, and this was great to see because it made seem like a fun feature to make instead of a just a check film to cash in on.Mostly, I’m glad that Rachele Brooke Smith got a chance to shine in a big role since half of her credits on IMDB appear to be featured extra work.fans’ desires, but IRL he keeps his love life on the DL.We only know about a few girls he has actually dated in his long-time Hollywood career, but, as with most celebs, there are a good amount of gals he has “dated.” You see what we’re saying?He was also romantically linked to Ashlee Simpson and Jill Wagner.Browse through the gallery to see Tyler Hoechlin's girlfriends list.

I don’t know if leading is going to be what launches her career to bigger and better things; however, I’m happy that an actress of her caliber had the chance to show off what she’s capable of. has a cleverly written plot that didn’t follow the typical trends set by The Asylum (probably because they had a different studio backing them).Now we know what Seth Branson was doing between seasons of “Scream: The TV Series.” Killing sharks, apparently.It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of creature features, though we do have a love-hate relationship.You see, not only is the great white shark a scientific disaster, but it’s also eating swimmers, destroying the delicate ecosystem of the beach and is literally a time bomb waiting to happen.Should the shark detonate near the shore, the radiation levels will make the land unlivable for up to 20,000 years!

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