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In other words, robots make for effective wingmen—but they’re more likely to impact your next job than your next date.A French woman is engaged to a robot she created using a 3D printer and hopes to marry it when robot-human marriage is legalized.The assumption is that if you are in the zone- they would be pretty good at it according to 72% of Brits.They would play sport with you- If you love someone who doesn't really dig your passion for a sport- a robot would accompany you to fitness classes, go with you to the gym and walk around the block with you before bed.With this in mind I'm actually very surprised at how many Britons would be open to having a relationship with a robot and having sex!

Overall, participants who had talked to the responsive version of Travis rated themselves as more suitable for dates than those who got Travis’ cold shoulder.

As a child, she always found herself drawn to their voices, but it wasn't until she was 19 that sex with human men made her realize that her attraction to robots was also sexual.

She told the Australian news site: Lilly's family and friends have accepted her unusual lifestyle but, even she admits, that "some understand better than others."To any haters trying to throw shade at her relationship with In Moovator, Lilly says that the idea isn't "ridiculous" or "bad." She's happy. Although she refuses to confirm or deny that her and In Moovator's relationship is at all sexual, Lilly urges people to know that she's satisfied with the one she has chosen to love and plans to marry when robot marriage is legal — something experts believe will be a popular, real, thing by the year 2050.

' You wouldn't have to play rock, paper, scissors, over who's going to the do the dishes either.

You could have a conversation with them- If you currently live with someone who isn't all that good at listening or talking to you when you get in from work- your communication could be dramatically increased by dating a robot.

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