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When they passed he offered her a hello and she smiled at him in return. He knew he'd have to be with this woman if it was the last thing he did... Mike and his new bride Carla were not a typical couple.It was rare to find two people that were still virgins when they got married but these two had been dating since high school and they had pledged that they wouldn't have sex until they were joined in holy matrimony.The time to solve that problem has arrived and Terri is ready to tackle it... After eating lunch at his favorite deli Stan was walking back home when he saw an astoundingly beautiful woman coming towards him.

Jim and Charlotte were walking home from a nice lunch at a local restaurant when they spotted a flyer for a costume party that night.The last girl he had sex with, Cindy, put on a super soft and sexy red satin slip and red stockings and when she was on top of him riding his cock he was running his hands up and down her torso to feel the softness of the lingerie.That turned him on more than anything, including her incredible moans of pleasure as her pussy filled with his dick... Joan and her husband Tim always do something special for her birthday.Today Joan turns 34 and her husband has prepared a beautiful meal for her, or at least that's what he said he was doing.They're at the table drinking some wine and talking when he announces that he got her a very special gift... Paul is a cute, slightly feminine blonde college freshman and he loves the theater.

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