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Are they the real deal or merely posers playing the role of traditional, blue-collar, junkyard-scrounging hot rodders twice each year?Are their primered, primitive Model A and Model T Fords just noisy props?They’re just so simple: air and fuel in; spark, ignition; exhaust out.With a V8, you’ve got twice as many cylinders, two heads instead of one, more parts to buy, to break, to wear out.It was lowered, had dual Webers, a merged header, Centerline wheels. My coupe came with a Model A motor, laying sideways in the framerails, that I wrongly assumed was no good. That’s a pretty common conversion, one I thought I could handle. ’ That same engine is still in the coupe.”We were pleasantly surprised to hear that HOT ROD Deluxe was among his earliest influences.“When I was 14 or 15, I saw the first two issues and got interested in these cars.A stock Model A engine will run for a long time, as long as you don’t modify it radically, or try to turn it much over 2,500 rpm.Some guys will spend the money to make one breathe and spin higher, but these aren’t race engines.”Tyler had some history with small, cheap, four-cylinder powerplants even before spotting the ,500/OBO classified ad for the blue ’30 coupe that changed his life at 22. “I had one in high school, when those cars were still affordable. A member of the local Model A Club introduced me to Rick Davis, the owner of Vintage Restorations, who talked me out of the Pinto. We pulled the head and he said, ‘This thing’ll run!

I had a ’40 Ford pickup that was too far gone, beyond my space requirements. Maybe they saw how much I wanted to learn, how much a young person appreciated all that they’d learned. If they see you working on something and they have a piece you need to accomplish your goal, they’ll usually work with you on price.

Anyone who’s attended Famoso Raceway’s March Meet or the NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion during the last decade has seen them.

You can’t miss the whippersnappers prominently positioned near the finish line.

In fact, most of it came from right here in town, either at Famoso’s nostalgia races or horse trading with older guys in the Model A Club.

Building a banger is far easier than a flathead, for a fraction of the cost.

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The gang’s vehicles of choice were manufactured in the late 1920s or first two model years of the 1930s.

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