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The exposure therapy techniques used in energy therapy involve imagining and retelling traumatic memories and obtaining, in a safe environment, real-life experience with a feared object or situations.

Interventions designed to heal disturbances in human electrical energy and the body’s electrical fields are integrated into the exposure process.

David Feinstein, a clinical psychologist and a major proponent of energy psychology, describes the approach as “acupuncture without needles." Although there are many variations of energy psychology, the most well-known and commonly practiced treatments utilize techniques from acupuncture and acupressure, such as body tapping.

Body tapping involves stimulation of the points on the body also targeted in acupuncture, which are known as meridian points.

However, some researchers supporting energy psychology have failed to disclose their financial affiliations in research reports, a practice generally considered to be unethical.

A number of organizations list, certify, and/or provide training to energy psychology practitioners, who may take a variety of approaches to this type of therapy.

Energy psychologists believe when this reduction in hyperarousal is paired with the memory of or exposure to things that produce anxiety and negative emotion, the body and mind become better able to create new, healthier responses.

Proponents of energy psychology believe the repeated pairing of exposure and meridian point stimulation can lead individuals to experience less hyperarousal when they are exposed to previous triggers of hyperarousal outside of therapy.

However, it is not known if, why, or how procedures such as body-tapping make exposure therapy more effective.

Energy psychologists believe physical interventions to regulate electrical signals or energy fields can be combined with evidence-based exposure therapy to retrain the brain and help individuals overcome any physical and emotional reactions affecting health and well-being.

s outlook, experiences, emotional regulation, and ability to relate to others, and it is believed energy psychology techniques can help a person in therapy release these events more rapidly than they might with talking therapies alone.

Many types of therapy, especially those that treat conditions such as anxiety and posttraumatic stress, help people reduce states of hyperarousal.

Specific to energy psychology is the theory that stimulation of meridian points can send signals to the brain to help reduce hyperarousal.

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