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She was inside the van, which had been parked outside the St Kilda Gatehouse, a support agency Connelly used on a daily basis."She has struggled to keep her possessions and that's when she's been brutally attacked, and it's been a really vicious attack," said Detective Senior Sergeant Stuart Bailey."There's been several samples of DNA, all to the one contributor, and we're quite certain that that is our male suspect.We've tested that DNA nationally and it hasn't come up on our database."Because St Kilda's such a transient place, we're getting that sample profile matched against 192 countries through Interpol overseas." Connelly's death was initially reported as the murder of an unidentified prostitute, sparking anger in her local community.Notices of urgent and other important matters to be brought to the attention of the public and the legal profession will be published on this page.Members of the press should note that among the items to be published will be Orders made by courts imposing restrictions on the reporting of court proceedings.They understood her predicament in life; they supported her where they could," he said.In her Age column, Squires drew comparisons between the media reporting and public response to Connelly's death to that of ABC staffer Jill Meagher, whose murder 10 months earlier had drawn tens of thousands to marching the streets of Melbourne in protest."This is another woman and another act of violence and it just has to be stopped.I think they'd be absolutely gobsmacked," she said.

Detectives think she was murdered by a client that she had brought to her van early in the morning of July 21, 2013.

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Victoria's homicide detectives are investigating up to 3,000 car registration numbers of clients of St Kilda street sex worker Tracy Connelly, who was murdered in July last year.

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