Updating multiple rows in sql server 2016

Without remedying these issues, there is no way to query the sample database from a SQL Server Linked Server.

The following screen shot shows how to unlock and connect the account for the hr schema owner in the sample database for the Oracle database server.

The win64_11g R2_database_2_of_2file also contains the directory path of ..\database\stage\Components\.

Start by copying all folders and files from win64_11g R2_database_1_of_2

The instructions for this tip are for SQL Server 2014 and Oracle Database 11g Release 2.

Both releases are relatively recent, but not likely to change materially going forward (because there have been major new versions in both cases).

The following query statement requires upper case characters for both the schema and table names.The settings also affect both the General page for the Linked Server properties dialog box.The following two screen shots show the outcomes of these settings.However, the account for the schema owner is locked initially.Also, the account is not connected to the database server.

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  1. Get Browse Network Workstation(0) ' where Get Browse Network Workstation() is the function within the dll..calls a browse dialog box and returns the name of a selected PC Msg Box t ' just checking that I return the proper PC name Query Server Name. It seems like you need to create a duplicate dialog, so that you custom action would refresh the edit list and then open the new dialog.