Updating nvidia bootcamp driver macbook pro

But windows crashes when I try to install the Ge Force drivers. It seems as if I get a crash as soon as the e GPU get probably initiated with driver.hey, i managed to get it to work after some time.

I found out that it is better to install the driver using NVIDIA’s app instead of just letting windows download the driver.

Help pls :((I am having the problem with 2016 Mac Book Pro 13” with Touch Bar, Bootcamp ​Windows 10 with Creators Update, AKi Ti O Node with 1060.

Here is what happens: e GPU is connected, I select “EFI Boot” using the stick method, Windows 10 boots and the GPU shows up as “Video Controller (VGA Compatible)” in the device manager. “Video Controller (VGA Compatible)” changes to my 1060 just for half a second before that happens and then I immediately get the blue screen.

While poking around, Win10 installed some updates and now 90% of the time Win10 will BSOD during boot regardless of whether or not the Node is plugged in.

It comes up with a KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_ERROR for the panic, I successfully rolled back to a previous restore point and was able to boot again, then the update was installed and the BSOD came back.

I would be really happy if someone could clarify this and reveal the problem. I had success using an older version such as this one on Intel website – https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/23742/[email protected] I removed the link to 9to5mac article. It just gave me a blank error modal then one telling me of a null pointer exception.

I did download the driver and started the exe file.

Hello, I’m planning to build an egpu setup around my 2016 Macbook Pro 15″ (Radeon Pro 455) to work in Windows and Mac Os.

If you've followed our guide to install Windows 10 on a Mac then you probably opted for the Boot Camp option.

While it hasn't been officially supported, Apple is updating its Boot Camp tool this week to provide Windows 10 support for 64-bit Macs.

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I downloaded the same drivers as the guy from 9to5mac and installed them.

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