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i cant reinstall as it isnt counted as new hardware what can i do? Email me if you can tell me how 2 take pictures ME!

rachel Tue, -0700 I downloaded the file and followed to the letter but when it comes time to get the drivers I can't slect them ?!? again Sat, -0800 i have an eye toy and i keep gettin' pop-ups sayin "you do not have priveliges to add/remove hardware please contact your site administrator"and that is annoying SO HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If this is a works machine you will probably not be able to install the eye toy only the site administrator will be able.

If its a home machine log out then log back in with the administrator account you setup when you first installed your copy of windows. Ed Haddon Wed, -0800 If you go to this site Sony Electronics SLEH-00030, SLEH-00031, SCEH-0004 Driver Summaryyou will find the Windows Eye Toy Drivers I put together and a comprehensive FAQ, I wrote which anwesr most of the questions asked on this page. Ed Haddon Wed, -0800 You can get drivers for xp here How to setup a PS2 Eyetoy as a PC Webcam! BTW I got my cam for .00 at Ebgames Used section!

In the "Installing the Playstation 2 Eye Toy as a Webcam" article, the author explains how to use the Eye Toy as a USB web-cam on your PC. Chieh Cheng Mon, -0800 Does anyone have a driver for win.

xp that will let me use my playstation usb camera as a web cam?

Cindy Thu, -0700 I tried to install it once without installing the appropriate drivers.

I ahev ununstalled and tried again but no luckplease guys, email me, dont make be fork out for a real webcam !!! So to reinstall it i go to the Eye Toy usb and delete it and try again? randy Sat, -0700 i have installed my eye toy onto my laptop and it works but i don't know how to take still pictures can someone help me please meee !!

Ptol Thu, -0800 Hi well im 12 and downloaded off the klink thing. Sun, -0700 hi every1im tryin to install eyetoy as webcam but i get this messagethe software you are installing for this hardware:d-link VGA webacamhas not passed windows logo testing to verify its compatibilty with windows xp. Contact your system administratorplease can u helpmany thanksdan dan jeal Mon, -0700 Hi guys its been asked a number of times here and still no answer..having the same problem with trying to take pics with the eyetoy, as a webcam it works fine and i can capture single frames but when i save the image i then cannot open it...i have also tried opening ov519CAP but it will not open (shuts down as soon as it opens! Nev Tue, -0700 all u peeps are fuckin stupid cant u read instructions yo mom Fri, -0700 Hi I have a LG Laptop and Iam trying to install the sleh-00030 eye toy as a webcam.

confussled Wed, -0800 i tried it and it worked at first but then a few minutes later it all stopped and a little wizard come up at the bottom sayin found new hardware but it might not work properly or something like that and it wouldnt work from then on can you tell me why if you know? me Wed, -0800 if u hav any probs i av all drivers email me ok on [email protected] leehudson Sat, -0800 im trying to install my webcam but it wont work! You might want to remove it and try installing the right driver. Perfect Picture, Mic works and LED turns on when in use....! Python Sun, -0800 I haven't got 0031 or0030, but 0004... kairi Sun, -0800 Wat do u do if the sceh-0004 bob Sat, -0800 Use your Eye Toy as a webcam has a tutorial on using the eyetoy as webcam sam82 Mon, -0800 hi!!!!!

anonymous Wed, -0800 i have the black namtai eyetoy (SLEH-00031) and used a step by step site last year to convert my eyetoy to a webcam, which was succesful. Found some Free DVR software on the net called LUXRIOT... i would like 2 use my eyetoy as a webcam anyone got websites i can go on?????????????????????????

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Can anyone answer I have WINXP and it's an IBM think Pad T42 Need help Sat, -0800 To open Device Manager, click on Start, Control Panel, System and have a look around for a button hat says Device Manager (obviously). a_person_somewhere Wed, -0800 I have installed the eyetoy as a webcam , but i dont know how to take pictures with it. bigboyz Tue, -0800 To install any device under Windows NT or XP or 2000 0r 2003 you must be logged on with Administrator priveliges.

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