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The key aim of this campaign was to introduce We Chat as the first app that integrated both socialising and spending.While Alipay had been the first mobile online transaction app, We Chat pay was the first one to show how the service could be mixed with different social media.Alipay is an app run by Alibaba and was considered the most popular pay app.When they launched We Pay, the company decided to take advantage of the in built platform and connected a campaign to their own in app purchasing ability.In this post, we explore some of the best H5 We Chat campaigns and what made them so successful!H5 is an interactive platform that allows We Chat users to create interactive campaigns.It would also tell you how much money you had spent on food that week, so it functioned both as an enjoyment campaign but demonstrated how We Chat pay can keep your finances in check.

This is a great way to generate new leads, as well as a great way to give you access to a range of different customers information.

Through an H5 We Chat platform, Durex was able to grow their followers to 670k and reach 100k per article.

Despite the fact that We Chat is the largest social media app when they launched We Chat pay they were in direct competition with Alipay.

This campaign was popular and paved the way for a successful integration into the market.

Users were able to receive a description of their life based on the kind of food they bought using We Pay.

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