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I find myself noticing simple things – the magnolia and cherry trees in blossom – and thinking, 'You’re alive, enjoy it because there are so many friends and family who no longer can’.” She was reminded, too, that no one – including the greatest public icons – lives for ever while filming Not Like That, Like This, the Tommy Cooper biopic that exposes the complex and tortured double life of one of our greatest comedy geniuses. “Tommy and Dove definitely loved each other, and when he died a light went out in her life and she never recovered.

Still, for the last 17 years of their marriage, Tommy also had a mistress, his road manager, Mary Kay [played by Helen Mc Crory].

She was a ghastly drunk, herself, too – aggressive when under the influence.

“Mary was refined and gentle, and Dove was the opposite. She was a smoker who swore like a trooper and drank like a fish – what we’d call a 'functioning alcoholic’ these days – and she was also the one who led Tommy into drinking too much.

“On the plus front, though, I would say that these recent experiences have changed me deep down, and for the better,” she says.

“They’ve made me aware of how short life is and how important it is to seize the day.

As sad as this is, being overweight nearly cost me the job.

Among the most important things I have learned from that first experience, and from many others since, is to always be open to re-direction and not to pre-overwork stuff to the extent that it is set in stone and difficult to change.

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Then, at 6.40am, he slipped away while we held his hand.

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