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I think I tend to ostracise myself as a result of that." He pauses.

But then you think about Gyllenhaal's career and the roles he's best known for, and how they fit into a Hollywood spectrum of endless superhero franchises and vapid fantasy epics and money-spinning sequels, and it makes a certain sense., the 2001 cult film about an over-medicated teenager who sees an imaginary six-foot rabbit that predicts end times, and which still holds up as an evocative mood piece about the terrifying, numbing potentiality of adolescence.Ironically enough, the scent focuses on 'longstanding ideas of romance, love, intimacy and commitment,' according to W which Jake one day wants to see in his future if his interview was any indication of his feelings toward fatherhood.Along with Calvin Klein ads, Jake can also be found in his new movie, Stronger, released late last month in which he plays Jeff Bauman, a man who loses both of his legs when two bombs explode during the Boston Marathon.Gyllenhaal — in bearded mode for a future part — introduces himself."Hi, I'm Jake." Yes, sure enough, there are those famously intense blue eyes, the heavy eyebrows, and the crescents in his cheeks when he smiles.

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"People always say, 'I've heard you're very committed to your roles, you've lost weight', which seems to be some, like, magical, extraordinary thing," he hastily adds a diplomatic caveat, "though I know it's not easy for a lot of people in the world… Did anyone try to convince him to ease up on the self-flagellation? He was born in Los Angeles to a screenwriter mother, Naomi Foner (who wrote , for which girls who grew up in the Eighties — holler!

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