Xbmc library not updating mysql global dating network

Restart Kodi and enable the hardware backend(s) in Playback under Settings. See: Raspberry_Pi_FAQ#TV_is_not_detected_unless_powered_on_first. Users running kodi in a Window manager may see a black screen at exit. A possible solution is to run kodi with this script (running as the root user): .

For a multi-monitor setup, Kodi may default to stretching across all screens.

At this point, the My SQL tables should have been created.

Note: There is NO need to copy any other files or to do any other setup steps on the new kodi node.

If multiple PCs on the same network are running Kodi, they can be configured to share a single media library (video and music).

The advantage of this is that key metadata are stored in one place, and are shared/updated by all nodes on the network.

Configuring specific remotes with lirc is covered on the LIRC article.

One such device is the USB-CEC adapter from Pulse Eight.

If I watch an episode on the client it will then be marked as watched on the server too.

Yesterday I've upgraded my Synology DS 410 to DSM 5.0 BETA.

Kodi can also play multimedia from a computer over a local network (LAN), or play media streams directly from the Internet.

It can also be used to play and record live TV using a tuner, a backend server and a PVR plugin; more information about this can be found on the Kodi wiki.

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